Interior Design Through the Decades

Take a time machine to the past and experience interior design through the decades to get a sense for not only the interior climate of that time but also to provide you with inspiration as you start decorating the interior of your own home!

When it comes to decorating the interior of a home, everyone gravitates to a certain style and often times, a certain decade depending on their taste. Like floral print? The 80’s interior design might be calling your name. Or perhaps you like clean simple lines and lots of space. The 60’s post modern design might be more your style.

Here we go...

1920s — Art Deco

“Art Deco” is short for art decoratifs and is bold in color, luxurious, with sharp geometric shapes and lines. During this period, 1920’s interior design was inspired by lavish architecture like the Rockefeller Center in New York City and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby.”

1930s-40s — Modernist

Whereas 1920’s interior design was sharp and bold, modernist design in the 30s and 40s was simple and clean. Often referred to now as “vintage,” the modernist period in interior design focused more on comfort and a family atmosphere. Grays, blacks and oranges were among the most popular color of these two decades.

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1950s — Mid-Century Modern

By the 1950s, people were starting to make more money and grow their families. There is now a lot more furniture in the home as well as more appliances like televisions. Unexpected colors such as blue and green make their way into the home and minimal lines in the shapes of the chairs are all the rage.

1960s — Post Modern

Like the climate of the time, people are starting to explore more culturally and politically. This shows up in the design of homes as people begin to blend modern style with “the new,” implementing Japanese design and capitalizing on negative space. Groovy colors like red, yellow, and blue are what give this decade a new modernist touch.

1970s — Self Expression

Colors in the home during the 70s took a turn for the outdoors — Dark reds, mustard yellows and dark greens are among the many earthy tones that make an appearance in the furniture, cabinets and even the tile on the kitchen floor! The furniture, as well, had an environmentally friendly twist as much of it was made of natural elements like whicker.

1980s — The New Modern

The 80’s invite comfy arm chairs with floral prints and patterns galore! Window drapery is bold in size and the dining room tables are all glass. Beige mixed with pastel pinks are some of the colors you’d find in “The New Modern.”

1990s — Individualist

It’s as if those in the 90’s decided it was time to take the last 8 decades and mix them all into one — bringing their own individual interpretation of art deco, minimal and modern into one. Primary colors are big in the 90s and accessorizing with the color of the walls was a thing. Pine and metal was also a major element in the furniture.

21st century — Eclecticism

While the 21st century is still being defined, many point to this decade as an eclectic, or diverse in style and theme. Neutral colors and minimal lines are in the light fixtures as well as in the furniture around the home. Big open space is key while keeping the interior of the home clean yet functional.

Source: Mecc Interior Inc.

There you have it — interior design through the decades! Which decade’s design speaks to you the most? Feel free to contact me today and we can discuss more home & living tips and advice like this and more!

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